Decoder Pronunciation Guides help you feel more comfortable speaking those first words.

Most languages have many sounds in common even though they might not look like it.

Our guides quickly point out how sounds in other languages are similar to those in English. 

Valuable Learning Tool  ★★★★★
This app fills an educational void. There are lots of ways to study French language, but it’s hard to study pronunciation. Teachers are great, but you need something when not in class. This app is easy to use, fast, and needs no network.
— Riken2
Fantastique! ★★★★★
I have taught French for 30 years and was skeptical about this app until I tried it. It is unique in its approach. When English words are used to highlight a sound similar to a French sound, the learner simply clicks on the letter in the English word to hear a native speaker pronounce that sound….
— Collette 1